Ben A- High Power (Jonas Tempel&MNCVE Remix)

Jonas Tempel, MNCVE, Ben A — High Power
Release date : Feb. 08, 2016
Label : Moody Recordings

Ben A (feat. C1) - Ben A High Power (feat. C1) (Jonas Tempel & MnCve Remix) (Jonas Tempel, MnCve remix) - Moody Recordings High Power' is a unique release for Moody Recordings with returning veterans on this Ep. Ben A and C1 bring a creative underground 2AM feel with this original providing all the elements that Moody is known for. High Power features remixes from Jonas Tempel and newcomer MnCve with a tech-house monster! We are also excited to have Zenbi back on board with his remix showcasing his big room sound rounding out this Ep. This creative package has been a reflection of artist reaching higher levels in their production and talent.

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Robert Babicz- Centurion (MNCVE Remix)

Robert Babicz & MNCVE — Centurion
Release date : Nov. 20, 2015
Label : Babiczstyle

Early support from John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, James Teej, Cid Inc, Nick Warren, Kruse & Nuernberg, Sasha, Dave Angel, D-Nox, Danny Tenaglia, Guy J, Joris Voorn, Edu Imbernon, Jose Padilla, Gabriel Rhome, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Nic Fanciulli, B Traits, Eelke Kleijn, Tiesto... Mr Babicz likes all forms of electronica, from the most chilled out vibes to serious eye watering acidic techno, and all in-between. Centurion showcases his love for the more eclectic side, with its half paced melodic layers, guided by the infectious vocal from B James. The kind of record that would be on daytime radio in an ideal world. Theres also a dub for those that prefer it vocal free. MNCVE merges chunky phat kicks with a wash of wonderful sophisticated dubbed out brightness. Analog masters RWAC supply a dreamy yet punchy dance floor gem.

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Kiyo- Take It Up (MNCVE Remix)

MNCVE — Kiyo- Take It Up (MNCVE Remix)
Release date : Sep. 14, 2015
Label : NoRobot Music

Remix by MNCVE a Guatemalan Producer now based in Denver Colorado. This mix touches on Tech House with a Deeper Techno Feel to it.

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Naked Naked Remix

MNCVE — Naked Naked Remix
Release date : Jul. 06, 2015
Label : NoRobot Music

Pack with amazing remixes from HDSN's debut release with NoRobot Music, Naked Naked. The remixes go from Deep House, Tech House and Techno. Great work by the Guatemalan- German Connection!

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Noche Seca EP

MNCVE — Noche Seca
Release date : Mar. 23, 2015
Label : NoRobot Music

Deep sounds and honest music. The EP sets off with Noche Seca, as he called a night that broke the dry spell of his creativity. Pitched vocals, deep atmospheres and thick basslines. Something to bring feeling to the dancefloor. 123 bpm Last on the EP is Belong to Us, a techno track for peak time of your set! Great atmospheres and thick pulsing basslines. There is a big transition at the middle of the track that sets you to a different place of your groove. Interesting vibes! 128 bpm.

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Click Box (Single GU2015)

MNCVE — Click Box (GU2015)
Release date : Mar. 02, 2015
Label : Global Underground

GU present Global Underground 2015, a polished collection of the biggest and best upfront tracks from the global underground dancefloors. We've curated, mixed re-edited and polished these 30 cutting edge tracks into 2 slick full length DJ Mixes

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Sirena EP

MNCVE — Sirena
Release date : Feb. 20, 2015
Label : Cuberec

Sirena touches sexy deep sounds. Emotions from his journey to newer grounds from Guatemala to Denver. The 3 original tracks follow him during his last days on the eternal spring city. Allure Tide is a journey to the sexy hidden places of the mind when you are searching for lust love. A deep house track, set to get the dance floor going. Science of Sound is a blend of tech sounds with mystic soundscapes, a more up beat track. Limitless energy, and thick basslines. Sirena the self-titled track is the journey to the unknown; it could be a new life a new love a new horizon. Emotions mixed with music.

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Santa Cruz on DIEZ by Danzon Records

MNCVE — Santa Cruz
Release date : Oct. 13, 2014
Label : Danzon Records

In this release, we celebrate our 10th release of the label, and what better way than bringing 10 tracks from 10 different artists. A compilation of deepness, soulfulness and beauty created by some of the best known and uknown producers.

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Bellatrix on New Waves Compilation by Retune Music

MNCVE — New Waves
Release date : Aug. 04, 2014
Label : Retune Music

Compilation features 11 dynamic tracks by the finest veteran's of Retune while bringing new additions to our family. With sounds rising from the ambient side to full throttle four-to-the-floor dance floor killers, New Waves is an exciting release which showcases the best of Central America's producers. With this latest release, we deliver another pack of tracks to power your next set.

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Primal State

MNCVE — Primal State
Release date : Jun. 25, 2014
Label : NoRobot Music

Three eclectic tracks are laced with MNCVE’s emotional touch. Deep basselines, luscious vocals full of deep sounds and passionate beats make this release something to watch for and have for the dance floor. The release starts off with Swann, a track constructed around the sounds of summer. A Jazzy sax filled with deep atmospheric sounds set the tone as if you were taking a sunbath at the beach or drinking your favorite cocktail under the sun. It is perfect for a beach pool party. Primal State, the second track of this release and the name of the EP, is a proclamation of love to house music. Deep and thick basslines added with meticulously placed vocals make this track a true emotional journey to the underground. And to top of this release is Monkey Junk, a more playful track for the dance floor. Talking about love and blues, surrounded by deep synths, atmos, and strong 4x4 style beats make Monkey Junk a true dance floor experience.

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Unprotected Memory

MNCVE — Unprotected Memory
Release date : Jun. 04, 2014
Label : Retune Music

One of Guatemala's most respected producers, MnCve returns to Retune with his EP Unprotected Memory. Previously offering remix support for Luis Mollinedo's latest Retune release and releasing music on Guatemala's own CUBEREC label, MnCve brings us three original tracks this time. This tech-house three-pack offers distinct sounds in each track, while keeping true to house music's roots -- a four to the floor rhythm matched by melodies, rhythms, and organic elements. Unprotected Memory lives up to the quality standards that you have quickly come to expect from Retune Music.

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MNCVE, Alex Hentze, Gabriel Cazali, Luis Mollinedo, SKPLTR — Coco Cream, The Remixes
Release date : Sep. 19, 2013

Much anticipation has surrounded CUBEREC’s release of the Coco Cream The Remixes. It is an outstanding tribute to MnCve´s original EP as four talented musicians create tracks in a way that not only display their own characteristic sound, but highlight the tracks in Coco Cream. Overcomng- Gabriel Cazali Remix

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Release date : Aug. 15, 2013

CUBEREC does Gonzo-Gonzo for a special remixed edition of his first album, Soulmastah. Remixes explore many branches of deep melodic disco housy sounds.

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MnCve — Coco Cream
Release date : Jun. 20, 2013

Hailing from Guatemala, but without any mental borders when it comes to music, MnCve has become one of the freshests acts in the city. Deep driven by house, dub step and deep melodic sounds comes this his first EP with CUBEREC.

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